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September 30, 2013:
Thanks to all the warnings, people are taking spoonfuls of all kinds of stuff. WSJ warning.


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Warnings about the Cinnamon Challenge

Teens and adults have been trying odd challenge

A cinnamon challenge warning has been issued by doctors and teachers after the fad has become a powerful new YouTube phenomenon. People are being challenged to eat a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking water, and the results, when not funny, can be devastating. This is because people may end up inhaling the powder into their lungs, causing breathing difficulties. The powder may also solidify in your throat, coat your esaphogus, or irritate tissues inside your head and neck, causing swelling. This is on top of the immediate effects including coughing and vomiting which are also not fun, but which are probably desired by the people who are holding the camera for internet posting later. At minimum, warn your kids not to do stupid stuff like this in front of a camera, because the first person to die from the cinnamon challenge is very likely to have a video and a quote along the lines of "I told you guys I was..." Medical authorities have already seen several emergency room admissions as a result of the Cinnamon Challenge, and the fad itself is a little strange, so if your kids are going to go around swallowing spices, at least make sure they buy their own.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: For the price of a jar of cinnamon you can probably find other ways to have fun, and leave the spices to the bakers