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March 16, 2012:
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Is the Cinnamon Challenge deadly?

May be unsafe for unsuspecting people

Though there has not been an official death from the cinnamon challenge, it may only be a matter of time. The challenge, which encourages people to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon without drinking water, could aggravate asthma and other conditions that can be bad for breathing. Accidentally inhaling cinnamon powder can lead to lung problems, as well as pain. Choking on cinnamon powder could also lead to death, especially if your trachea closes up and does not want to reopen because of the irritation related to being coated with cinnamon. While the majority of people who eat cinnamon only experience coughing and vomiting, there could be some who are also under the influence of alcohol and other drugs which may exacerbate the effect of the cinnamon and make it harder to recover from the effect of so much powdered spices in the head and neck. Alternatively, you could cough so hard that you fall and hit your head, causing a brain injury. Either way, there are better ways to go than trying a dare in front of a cell phone camera.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Try not to be the first person to be filmed dying from the Cinnamon Challenge, becasue everyone is going to watch you die, multiple times, on YouTube.